Happily ever after😊!!(the crush friend) (story 1 post5)

There were many things that was mutual between us.... I was happy not because I was speaking to my crush. But because I got to know such an amazing person. And he is very different from the usual guys. Totally different. I dont know what makes him different but he is. After all these amazing... Continue Reading →

The chase!!

So this all started in class eight. A girl who just got her periods and entered a different world called the teenage was so excited about a new beginning. She had no idea it would turn out to be worse than she could ever imagine. One day she entered the school and guys from back... Continue Reading →


The shutters open up as the sun is rising, the people come out of the rest zone and start-up with the same again. The buses fill up and the markets are crowded. Everywhere there is a noise which is spreading like color in the water. chik-chik , slank-slank , horn-horn, shout-shout. It's because everyone's out.... Continue Reading →

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