to the core..

  you came up and said, that you dont want us anymore, you left us alone, we can't just think of movin' on, and you dont even know that. we love you to the core, yeah!!to the core.     you went away , just like that, you never thought, and we know you will,... Continue Reading →


Why should I be ashamed of it???

You are like ashamed of what!! So let me tell you I am speaking about periods, menstruation, chumz..... It has many names and people have different point of view on it. I live in Mysore and here when a girl gets her first periods the whole family celebrates it and perform rituals for many days.... Continue Reading →


The heart always tells... Trust me I won't break it.. Trust me I'll love you.... Trust me I'll always be by your side.... Trust me I won't hurt you.... Trust me I am there.... Trust me I won't break it!! And the mind always interrupts.. Trust me and I'll break it!! Trust me I can... Continue Reading →

Congratulations India!

Everyone uses their phones frequently in a day. I also do the same. I check my social sites after each hour. And the worst part is everytime I on my phone so many notifications pop up and everytime it has a notification of a news of a girl being raped, molested or accused. Even on... Continue Reading →

What equality actually is???

In India the issue that is always in the news is equality. Today a women organisation went on strike for equality And yes all these news is made by women and it's organisations who go on strikes for women rights and equality... Even I always supported all these strikes. I used to discuss it with... Continue Reading →


I love when people show attention to me. To gain attention in their life I agree to everything they say... I become their partner in crime... And their partner to beare the loss..... But when it comes to become the partner in the prize.. I get lost somewhere.. I loose all my attention... I ignore... Continue Reading →

The extend of inhumanity….

Recently a news came out about an 8 month old little princess who got raped by her 28 year old cousin. And even about a 7 year old angel who got raped. Both these incidents which took place in two different countries has shown that the inhumanity of people have passed all the limits. People... Continue Reading →

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